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O'siyo! Welcome To....

Native Angel's Pride Lands

My little home on the web.

I have made these pride lands in honor of my Native Heritage, and to also show my spirit, by doing it with music, art and graphics.

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I hope you enjoy your visit, the art gallery is filled with beautiful music and art, and I have stationary and greeting cards that use all the graphics and images from my site.

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~Announcements and New Things:~


Name Art!

(prints with your name and meaning suitable for framing!)

Wisconsin Pages and AOL pages!

FREE~Stationary for you to choose from!

FREE~ Internet Greeting Card Shop!

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I hope you enjoy your visit here, please feel free to roam around and visit my pages filled with pictures, info and goodies! This site is updated very often, so please do journey with me again!

Links are below:

~Menu divided into the Spirit Lands and the Native Lands~

(This first page is a part of The Native Lands, *Spirit Lands are intended for the site Fights Members, but all visits are welcome!)

*sites are new or redone!

To be informed of changes and / or additions, please sign up here! "smiles"

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Now, on with the Journey!!